A UFO Finish!

I really am getting close on my December goals!  Late last night I finished a very old UFO of mine (started in 2005 I think).  It’s the Tin Finishing Class by Fancy Work.  It’s a Altoids tin with a sweet sheep on the top and the inside has a linen band around the inside edge and a stitched bottom.  The other piece of the kit is a matching scissor fob stitched on both sides.  This project was stitched in Olde Willow Cottons.

I didn’t think the finishing directions were very good so I basically just ignored them.  This was pretty easy finishing and I decided to get a little creative.  Instead of the cording going continuously around the edge I decided to make faux tassels instead.  Talk about easy!  All you have to do is knot the cording, cut the end and tease out the threads.  The cording itself is made from Olde Willow threads.  The kit didn’t have enough for both the tin and the fob but I found a skein in my stash (yes, my stash is that rediculous…  err fun I mean).  Then I decided to line the outside edge of the tin in fabric and to glue another piece of fabric to the inside lid.  The fabric on the inside lid doesn’t have a purpoe really.  I just didn’t like how the glare of the metal clashed with the soft pretty colors of the threads.

So here are the pictures!!! 

So that means that I have one more goal to complete for this month!  I have to do the finishing on the Judy O’Dell Sampler Needlecasket.  It may not get 100% done today but I can try!


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