Getting Closer on my December Goals!!!

Getting there!

This is a picture of my ornament from my exchange yesterday.  Viv got it.  yeah!!!!  It’s a Barbara Jackson design from an early Fine Lines.  It’s stitched in DMC and backed with olive silk dupioni.  I used a metal finishing form.  Very easy!

Yesterday was wonderful…  we hade a pot luck lunch and did our exchange.  I have to take a picture of the ornament i received.  I got Patti’s.  It’s really gorgeous!  She did a tree design from one of the JCS Ornament issues.   It’s fir tree with garland and bugle beads stitched on t olook like candles.  Her finishing is really lovely.  The ornament is already on my tree along with an adorable Cinnamon Stick Santa that Patti gave me for Christmas.

I am almost done with the stitching on my Sheep Tin!!!  Only the over-one bees on the inner banding still need to be done.

This morning I decided to write a tutorial for no-glue ornament finishing based on the techniques that I use.  The link can be found on the sidebar of my blog if anyone is interested in reading it.  I had to finish Freddy’s ornament anyway so I just took pictures along the way!

This is the finished product:

Finished Ornament

So now the big trick will be to get my stitcher’s Christmas gifts finished by Claire’s get together tomorrow.  Sleep may have to wait!!!


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