Marmalade the BAD KITTY!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday.  My Christmas was really wonderful.  I’m blessed to have a mother and sister who are so loving.  The three of us are very close and spending Christmas together is something very special.  I was away from the house all day so Joey and the kitties are thrilled to have me home today (except for Sandy who has to go to the vet at 1:30…  he’s not so thrilled!  LOL)

I wanted to share with everyone why Christmas can be difficult at my house!  I talk about my “naughty cat” Marmalade but now I have PROOF!  Marmalade is a 3.5 year old orange tabby.  I fostered him as a kitten and he decided to adopt me.  He’s actually a very lucky rescue.  He was found by animal control as a very, very sick little boy.  He had calici virus which is a severe upper respiratory virus that also gave him ulcers in his mouth and on the pades of his feet.  He also was infested with lice and had severe ear infections.  He stayed at the vet for a long time and the vet techs would carry him around in their pockets.  I guess it was then that he decided that he’s extra special and the whole purpose of his existence is to have people lavish attention on him.  When he came to my house his stubborn nature showed through and he just made it very clear that he didn’t want to leave.  So with me firmly wrapped around his little paw, I signed the adoption papers!  Marmalade has been a trouble maker from day one but he makes up for it with his purrs when I give him kisses.  He’s also a star!  Marmalade (along with my other cat, Zeke) were in the Arm & Hammer Odor Alert Cat Litter commercial together.  It’s the litter that turns blue when wet.  Marmalade was one of the orange cats used in the commercial and Zeke is the big gray tabby.  Marmalade tried to demand his own trailer but that didn’t fly!  LOL…  His nickname is now “Hollywood”.

Anyway…  I took these pictures this morning and decided I HAD to put them on my blog!  When Marmalade climbs the Christmas Tree, he goes all the way to the top.  I’m going to have to move Little Al’s ornament though because Marmie thinks Al’s ornament is a great toy (Little Al, or “Alfred”, is my mostly blind 1.5 year old cat).

That’s Alfred’s ornament just to the right of Marmalade’s right paw.
Marmalade in Christmas Tree

Here’s another picture! I took this just before Marmalade took a flying leap from the tree to his cat tree. I have an 8 foot tall cat tree but I guess it’s less fun that something that has branches!
Marmalade Christmas Tree 2

So now everyone knows why I don’t hang many breakable ornaments!


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