Merry Christmas Eve!!!

I love Christmas.  It’s always a bittersweet time.  I love making wonderful memories with my family but at the same time I really miss my Dad this time of year.

I’ve been busy!  I was up until 3AM last night doing the finishing on the M Design trees for my mother and sister.  I’m really happy with how they turned out!  For finishing, I selected a coordinating backing fabric.  Then I sewed right sides together and turned the pieces right side out.  For stiffness I added a piece of skirtex.  Then I took coordinating silk perle and did a blanket stitch around the outside for the purpose of embellishment.  On my mother’s tree (the Nancy tree) I went around a second time in buttonhole stitch.  Then at the top I greated 4 or 5 loops using the same stitching technique (it wasn’t quite detatched buttonhole but close) and threaded a ribbon through.  Then I added bells at the bottom.  This was a very easy way to finish and I think the results are nice!

Here are pictures!  The purple ornament is for my sister, Leigh, and the green one is for my mother, Nancy.  I beleive Leigh’s is on 28 ct and my mother’s is on 32 ct.  I know they are Silkweaver fabrics but I can’t recall the exact colors.  It’s hard to see the beads on Leigh’s tree i nthis picture but I picked crystal / clear beads to just give it a little sparkle. 

Leigh Tree - front view

M Designs Leigh's Tree (shows backing)

Nancy Tree full view

M Designs Nancy's Tree back view

So then yesterday when I was finishing up my shopping, Leigh called me to give me another idea for her.  She asked for a personalized ornament for her new Greyhound, Preston.  She was thinking of the kind you can get in the mall but I had a brainstorm today and decided to make him a handmade ornament instead.  I had a bunch of felted wool and since my stash is rediculous, finding supplies was a cinch!  By the way…  if you ever want to get hand-dyed wool at reasonable prices, shop on-line on eBay.  Crafters who make braided wool rugs sell a gorgeous array of colorful wools that are great for needlecraft projects (like finishing needlebooks!)  It’s another good option so that you aren’t limited by Weeks Dye Works wool (which is lovely too of course!)  I have tons of silk ribbon and silk perle from D-Bags that I got from Vikki Clayton (Hand Dyed-Fibers)…  perfect for these kind of projects!

I cut out a bone out of light natural colored wool and a matching piece in a dark red for the back of the bone.  I backstitched Preston’s name using HDF #5 perle silk (Kelp).  Then I used some pieces of silk ribbon to stitch holly and berries in two of the corners with lazy daisy stitches and colonial knots and added some gold sequins sewn on with gold beads in the other corners.  Then I attached the two halves using HDF #8 perle silk (Dragon Blood) with a blanket stitch, stuffed and attached a reb silk ribbon for the hanger and bells on the bottom.  It only took about an hour considering I just made it up and used stuff out of my stash.  I think Leigh is going to love it!

Preston Ornament

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!  I till need to put bows on my gifts but then I’ll be all set.

I ALMOST forgot!!!!  I have to share this…  I found something at TJMaxx yesterday that I couldn’t live without.  I got a scroll work frog statue on clearance for $7.50!  It is now sitting guard in my dining room with strict orders to guard the house from any other frogs that might try to get past him and hide out in my stitching room.

Guardian Frog


2 Responses

  1. I love that little dog bone! I am so stealing that idea for next Christmas. Only I’ll use a fish shape – we’ve only got cats here.

    • I was thinking that would be a great idea! I’d like to do fish shaped ones for all of my cats next year and dog bones for my own dog and my mother’s! Thanks for the compliment!

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