I’m moving right along….

My goals are actually in sight of being completed!  I finished the stitching on my mother’s name tree last night.  I just need to ornamentify it.  Then I started stitching Freddy’s tree.  I had originally planned on using a light blue linen with a darker blue Dinky Dyes silk called Jacob’s Ladder.  Well last night for some reason I started it on Silkweaver Treasure Trove with DD Barrier Reef.  Treasure Trove is a hand-dyed opalescent that looks like it was natural linen with a light wash of blue over it.  The colors are gorgeous but I’m not sure sure they are right for Freddy…  so, since I just stitched a “y” at the top, I’ll put it aside and make it into a Stacy tree later on.  I think I’m going to restart it but on a light blue opalescent.  I have some in my stash and I’ll go back to using Jacob’s Ladder.

So that means for the rest of the year I need to do the finishing on my mother and sister’s name trees.  Stitch and finish Freddy’s tree.  Do the finishing on my JAT Needlecasket and my Just Nan Jingle Tin and finish the stitching and finishing on Dames of the Needle Sheep tin (almost finished with the stitching).  It sounds like a lot but the bulk of the stitching is on Freddy’s tree.  Other than that…  it finishing work.

I’m thinking forward to Guilt Free January!  That’s when we can start new projects with NO GUILT!

My planned projects for Guilt Free January are:

  1. Rosewood Manor Quilts and Quakers (I am really dyeing to try the valdani threads and I have seen this stitched and it’s unbelievable!)
  2. Mirabilia Petal Fairy (on Silkweaver Jamaican Sunset Sparkle… I traded my used Blackbird Designs Moonlit Garden for this chart from a friend of mine… lots of my friends are stitching on it and I love it…)
  3. Bent Creek Zippers Got Carrot? (it was a gift for a friend and I think it’s ADORABLE!)
  4. Shepherd’s Bush Glad Tidings Fob (got it in an Exchange… love the colors!)
  5. Frankenflora (this is going to start on Jan 15 with a friend to work on in small pieces.. it’s on R&R Busy Bee with lots of fun colors!)

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