Joey got a haircut!

Finally!  LOL…  Joey got a haircut.  He was starting to look a little shaggy and his top knot kept drooping over his eyes.  I shave his face, feet and base of his tail every 10 days or so but I leave the haircut to the groomer.

Since Joey was a little longer this time, I decided to try him in a Miami cut.  That means that he has a basic poodle trim but we put pom-poms on his ankles.  He’s adorable!  I think I might have to grow those poms a little more and keep him in this trim for a while.  The groomer put an adorable bandana on him for Christmas.

I had to get pictures!  Here is Joey, just back from the groomer, in front of my Christmas tree (yes, I know the bottom third has no ornaments…  I have VERY naughty cats!)  Joey is actually very good about the tree and doesn’t bother with it.  He did bring me a little wool ornament the other day but I’m more inclined to think that he did it to show me how naughty Marmalade is being.  Marmalade, my orange alpha male cat, is the naughtiest boy you’ve ever met.  That’s part of his charm of course and I wouldn’t want him any other way!  He’s climbed the tree so far about a dozen times!

So here are Joey’s pictures…  What a handsome boy!  And yes…  he feels as soft as he looks…

Joey in front of tree

Joey in front of tree 2

Joey in front of tree 3

Here’s Joey with a cookie!  These are the Blue Dog Bakery cookies.  He loves them.  This one is Peanut Butter flavor.  (Of course he prefers home baked cookies but what spoiled dog wouldn’t?)

Joey with a cookie


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