Oh my gosh… my head is exploding…

I am getting so exciting about this design!  It’s going to be terrific.  Picture a threadkeeper that opens with tufted padding for your threads, an area to store a floss tag (which I’m going to design) and spots to tuck your threadwinders….. 

I should have the stitching done on the outside done very soon.  In fact I’m under strict orders by my friend JLee to have that part done before our pilot class with Jan on Sunday.  Little does JLee know…  I’m not done designing this thing!

I’ll make sure anyone who reads this gets a sneak peek.

I also have started getting the ball rolling on a website.  The new design business will be called Dragonfly Treasures (in honor of my first design) and I have already purchased a domain (it will be a dot net).  I’m not too bad on the computer so stay tuned….  I have some grand plans….  I just got off the phone with my site host (Blue Fish).  WOW!  They are nice.  They called to verify that the request wasn’t fraudulent, which I appreciate.  And he even gave me his direct number in case I have any technical questions.  Thank you Sam!

My birthday was GREAT!  My mother’s cake was incredible and so was dinner at Carrabas.  They made me an Eggplant Parm special since it wasn’t on the menu.  I can be really difficult to eat with…  vegetarian.  LOL.  Anyway it was FANTASTIC.  I also ended up with a new Blue Ribbons Chart and fabric to make the Halloween Calendar, Judy O’Dell’s new compiled finishing book and a $50 gift certificate to Wasatch Needlework!  My sister also gave me a really nice blouse and a little decorative plate.  My family was so generous.  That’s on top of a padded bench / coffee table for my sitting area in my bedroom that has enough storage for all of my finishing things like my duponi silks and stuff.  Oh yes…  I got the FUNNIEST card I have ever opened.  It was given to me by my cats!  (well my mother signed it for them).  When you open it, it’s a chorus of kittens meowing the song Happy Birthday.  Little Al forgot to sign it though because my mother couldn’t remember everyone’s names.  That’s okay…  I know the little gray tubster was still thinking of his momma…. (“Little” Al is NOT an appropriate name for him…)


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  1. I always order Eggplant Parmagiana at Carraba’s and I’m not vegetarian! I was terribly disappointed when it was taken off the menu and the manager is always kind enough to make it special for me :) It’s my favorite!

    Can’t wait to see your new designs :D

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