It’s my birthday!

Well I’m one year older!!!!  My boss asked me this morning how I was this morning and my answer was “older”.  That’s okay though because he will be older in 2 days himself!  I didn’t think ahead and take my birthday off.  There is just too much work to do at the office this week.  but I do need a vacation soon….

This evening will be enjoyable.  I’m going to dinner with my mother and possibly some friends.  afterwards, my mother made me an Apple Cake with cream cheese frosting.  For some reason this recipe causes her great angst (she almost forgot the flour) so she told me next year it has to be carrot cake.

I think I figured out distribution for my new designs.  I plan on developing a basic website and starting out small scale by selling off of my website, through my eBay store (already established – called Stitching and Stashing) and I’ll contact some LNS’s and ONS’s to see if they would like to try carrying my designs.  Once I get a little momentum and working capital I can think about using a distributor.  This will also give me a chance to design other pieces in the meantime.  What I DON’T want to do is to give up stitching for this new venture.  If this isn’t fun I’m not doing it.

That being said, I have wonderful ideas for other matching pieces….  A smaller “junior” version of the dragonfly has already been born.  He will probably make his way onto a fob.  To go with the fob I’d like to design a triangle scissor case.  Of course we’ll need a needlebook…  and a biscornu.  As a finale to the set I’m thinking about an open top stitched basket.  Perhaps narrower at the bottom and will fold over the top edge to keep the basket sturdy.  It will of course be stitched all around the outside and on the inside bottom and will be large enough to hold all the matching dragonfly smalls…

Until then, my biggest worry is the name of my new design company…  I have a few ideas and hopefully I’ll come to a conclusion very shortly!

Happy Stitching!!!


2 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope your designing venture takes off.

  2. Just happened upon your blog from the Wagon and it’s your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love the dragonflies you designed! :)

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