So much to write so little time…

This designing thing has really gotten hold of me.  The design is really starting to be “born”.  I’ve finished stitching the front and started the back.  But as I go I am evolving my ideas regarding finishing.  This design will actually be a threadkeeper.  I will design a needlebook separately.

I’ve gotten lots of support from people on this design and encouragement to think about publishing it.  When I was stitching yesterday at one of the LNS’s I go to, the shop owner encouraged me to target having everything good to go before February and in time for the Nashville market.  She has a contact with a distributor.  I am floored actually…  and VERY excited!  I have to figure out the ins and outs and how publishing and distribution works.  At the same time I have to get this and more pieces designed and finished.

The really cool thing is how the ideas just seem to whirl around in my head…..

My eBay business is going great too.  I’ve sold an incredible amount of stuff in the past 30 days with more stuff lined up.  I love my customers too.  I have some of the nicest people win my auctions.  I think that’s because stitchers make the very best people.


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