Weekend report…

It was a good weekend!  My mother had a get-together at her house on Saturday for dinner and fun.  A bunch of her greyhound rescue friends were there and I brought DBF.  We really had a great time and I appreciate so much that everyone who brought food, brought me something I could eat!  (I’m a vegetarian…)

Joey was a good boy yesterday.  I brought down to where our town was having it’s Victorian festival.  Saturday was pretty well washed out but there was a good turnout yesterday.  Joey has a bit of an issue right now with strangers so I wanted him to have a socialization opportunity.  I brought a bunch of dried liver treats with me and I would treat him when he was quiet and behaved.  He got a little nutty when he saw other dogs (and a few men and older boys who moved and looked scary to a young dog).  Joey is a sweetheart but when he barks it can be a little scary…  even if he IS a poodle…  However he really enjoyed it when children pet him yesterday.  They don’t pose a threat to him in his eyes and he was very friendly.  You don’t see many Brown Standard Poodles so he had lots of attention.  I did have to bite my tongue though when I vendor suggested using a pinch collar as training advice (since that is what she used on her GSD and she thought it was a good idea for adolescent dogs).  I told her that I only use positive training techniques.  When she tried telling me  that a pinch collar was a positive technique I had to leave.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that using things that cause physical discomfort to the dog is the farthest thing in the world from “positive”.  No, Joey just needed to relax.  And he did.  He ended up walking beautifully next to me all through the vendors and only acted up when he saw other dogs (who he probably just wanted to play with considering he has ZERO dog aggression and plays with other dogs all day, every day).

I didn’t feel like I did a lot of stitching this weekend but I think all told I really did.  I got hooked on the Blackbird Designs chart that I started, Moonlit Garden.  I will post a progress picture later but believe it or not, I’m almost 25% done already.  It’s a pretty fast stitch and it’s smaller than I imagined.  Once I get the top done, the bottom will go quickly since it’s all words and done in one color.  I might do a sprint on this before I switch gears.  It would be fun to get a quick finish in there…

The eBay business is going really well.  I had lots of sales last night and I put a bunch more up yesterday.  Elaine gave me a bunch of Shepherd’s Bush kits to sell and I think they will do really well.  So far I’ve only had a few things without bids and my customers have been so wonderful to deal with.  Probably because they are stitchers.  Stitchers are the nicest people!


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  1. I couldn’t ever use a pinch collar on a dog. It just seems wrong. Dogs can be trained without using pain, however minor! I’m glad to hear your pup was good.

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