Last Day of The Wagon Stitching Olympics….

Well I know I’m not in running for a medal but I did participate in the stitching Olympics from The Wagon Yuku board.  I took before and after pictures of some projects in my rotation.  The rules were that you had to stitch at least 2 hours on each project.  On a few of them I stitched well in excess of two hours.  That took me out of the running for a prize but I sure did enjoy the progress I made in month of August.

The first thing I did was to stitch and complete Indigo Rose Folded Cross Needlebook.  I used only materials in my stash and changed around all of the colors.  Here are before and after pictures…
Before Picture of IR Folded Cross Needlebook Completed Indigo Rose Folded Cross Needlebook

After that I worked on the 2008 Papillon Mystery called How Does Your Garden Grow.  I’m complete through Part 3 now.  I’m going to hold off on doing more parts until the whole design is published because I think I want to finish this into a folding needlebook.  To do that, I might want to flip the bottom parts 180 degrees and add space here and there for the folding.  I’m not sure yet.  The current Gift of Stitching issue looks like it has great instructions for this kind of finishing that I might borrow…  we shall see.  Anyway, here are my before and after pictures….

How Does My Garden Grow mid Part 3 How Does My Garden Grow Part 3 Complete

Then I decided that I needed to finish up Part 2 of Just a Thought Sampler Needlecasket.  I now have all of the sides and the top and bottom stitched.  I just have to stitch Part 3 which includes the smalls that go inside and then it is ready for finishing!!!  Here are before and after pictures of my progress on part 2…

JAT Needlecasket mid Part 2 JAT Needlecasket Part 2 Complete JAT Needlecasket Completed Bottom

Then it was on to a UFO I hadn’t touched in YEARS!!!!  I think I started this 4 or 5 years ago…  It’s MLI Celtic banner.  I love it though and it’s going to stay in my rotation.  Here are before and after pictures from the rotation…

MLI Celtic Banner Before MLI Celtic Banner After

After that…  I got back into a more recent WIP.  I worked on my Carnation Quaker Mystery Sampler.  I’m on Page 2 and stitching it over-1 on a Sassy’s Fabbies linen using HDF silks (all out of my stash).  Here are before and after pictures from the rotation…

Carnation Quaker Page 1 Carnation Quaker mid Page 2

Then I picked up my Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Case.  I wanted to finish the Florentine Stitch..  and I did!!!  It’s so gorgeous…  The design is now about half stitched.

Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Case Before Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Case After

After that it was on to another UFO…  I worked on The Sheep Tin Finishing Class that I started back in 2005.  Here are before and after pictures (the fob is now done).  All I have left is to stitch the inside banding so this will stay in rotation until complete…

Sheep Tin Finishing Class Before
This part still needs my initials
Inside Bottom Sheep Tin
Here’s the Fob…
Sheep Tin Fob

Then one more design…  This is a new start…  It’s going to be an ornament for my mother.  It’s an M Designs Tree with her name (Nancy).  I’m using a Silkweaver Jazlyn and Gloriana silk (all from my stash) so stitch it over 1.  Here is a picture of the materials and my progress after a 2 hours of stitching…

Nancy Tree Materials Nancy Tree WIP

So that puts me at 8 projects!!!  I’m in the middle of a rotation with Just Nan Jasmine Mix but I doubt I will be able to stitch today since I have plans to go hiking later and I need to WORK.  it’s going to be a busy month for me at work and there are a few things that I need to get a headstart on today for the week.  If I get a chance to finish up my rotation (another hour or so of stitching) I’ll add those pictures for rotation #9!


2 Responses

  1. All of your stitching is lovely, Stacy! You’ve made a lot of progress this month!

  2. You’ve got some gorgeous projects there! Do you know the name of the Sassy’s linen you’re doing Carnation Quaker on?

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