Woohoo! I love my friends…

So I managed to rope in a few more into my challenge…  So far my very good friends Viv and JLee are in for the challenge.  This is great because having people that I see often participating in this challenge, it will help me stay honest to my goals.  JLee is in for 25 projects.  Viv, I’m not sure but I think she said she was “all in”.  LOL.  Patti had us laughing though.  She inventoried her stash and could barely come up with 25 projects.  Amateur!

Claire is going to cheer us on.  She is a die-hard OAAT (One at a time) stitcher and doesn’t buy stash.  I think she gets heart palpitations every time she hears how many WIPs one of us has going.

So my project list is over 100 as far as stuff I have either started or really want to stitch.  There’s more in there too.  I didn’t include all my WIPs in the list though because I have so many large Chatelaines started.  I only listed the ones closest to completion.  If you count all my WIPs though I’m well over the 50 mark.  This will be good for me.

I had a funny thought last night.  So typical.  Anyway, I was thinking about the Sampler Cove Rhapsody in Red series and that I wouldn’t be able to buy parts 3, 4 and 5 when they come out.  Then the thought….  “Gee.. maybe I should stitch parts 1 and 2 before I worry about the rest?”  It seems so obvious but I’m telling you that I am literally trying to shift the way I think to “buy later maybe” instead of “buy now because I have to have it immediately”.  Wow.  Insight.

No stitching last night.  I had class with Joey (Competition Prep for Puppies) and then I had to do homework.  Class was great.  It started off well because I had to stop by Rite Aid on the way to pick up my prescriptions.  Usually Joey goes ballistic in the drive through.  For the first time I was able to keep him quiet and calm even though a stranger was on the other side of the drive through window!  Then he was pretty good at class.  We were trying to run through a small Rally course and he wasn’t looking at me in the heel.  Pam said we would use the fact that he’s a Momma’s Boy to our advantage.  When he stopped paying attention, I would hand her the leash and leave out the door.  She would just hold the leash and continue to teach the other students and call me in after several minutes.  He would be very good after that because he would be focused on me (we don’t train with corrections).  Towards the end of the class he was more tired and I used his toy duck as a reward and he did some really nice heeling.  We need to work on a straighter sit in heel position though.  After class, Pam showed us the video of her on TV in Calgary.  She had just gotten back from teaching for 3 days and while she was up there, she was invited to the local morning news.  She worked a dog on camera that she had just met 10 mintues prior and who had difficulty with strangers.  Of course she made it look easy.  I still can’t believe I have a trainer of this caliber within 10 minutes from my home!

So tonight won’t include stitching again.  I have to work on my homework again (it’s a 2 year leadership type program that is really intense).  That’s okay.  I’ll be stitching again by this weekend!


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  1. Hi Stacy, I found your link on the Wagon and stopped by to say hi and welcome to the world of blogging! It sounds like you have a lot of fantastic projects on the go and I look forward to seeing your progress.

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